Episode 58: Christmas Wrap Up

recorded Monday, 23 December 2013

Come join the ravelry group!

You can find me on youtube and instagram!

Temperature/Weather Craft-a-Long

Sweater Craft-a-long


  • Kenny’s Tube Socks Pattern: improvised Yarn: Vesper Sock in Hellfire; Science Monkey Mercantile in Texecuted Needles: US 1, 2.25mm
  • Cowl Pattern: Improvised Yarn: See Jayne Knit in Mermaid Tail Needles:  US  11; US 15
  • Skylar’s Blanket for the Schuyler Blanket Project
  • Stalagmite by Cookie A Yarn: Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sock & Baby  in Prince Needle: US 1, 2.25 mm
  • Red Wing Rock Stratas Pattern: by Josh Ryks Yarn: Caron One Pound in black; Caron Simply Soft in Heather Gray; random red acrylic Needles: US 7, 4.5mm
  • Red Seamless Salomas pattern: by Megan Williams Yarn: random red acrylic Needles: US 6, 4.0mm
  • Firn Shards by Josh Ryks Yarn: Solar Flair Fibres Apollo in Seaglass; Science Monkey Mercantile Faraday in Chattaboogie Needles: US 8, 5.omm


  • Brown Rock Stratas Pattern: by Josh Ryks Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver in Warm Brown, Buff, and Coffee Needles: US 7, 4.5mm
  • Robert’s Dog Pattern: Sweet Pup Crochet Pattern by Terri Crews Yarn:  Caron One Pound in white, black, forest floor. Hook: US G, 6; 4.25mm
  • Prima Legwarmers by Sarah Wilson. Yarn: Sensations Bamboo and Ewe in Pink/red Pattern Needles: US 4, 3.5mm
  • Roberts’s Tube Socks Pattern: improvised Yarn: Sensations oles and More in greeen, blue, yellow Needles: US 1, 2.25mm

You mean I can cover my entire body in sock goodness?!?!? Pattern: Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang, The Heathen HousewifeNeedles: US 2; 2.75 mm

  • Up to 350 squares!

What I’m reading

  • Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card
  • A Dance with Dragons by George R.R. Martin
  • Devoted by Hillary Duff with Elise Allen
  • Allegient by Veronica Roth

New Things

  • Ornament, scarf from Lisa

Merry Christmas!


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