Episode 17: Under the Wire

recorded Monday,4 March 2013

Come join the ravelry group!

Mom’s Day Craft-a-long

  • Can use any ravelry sanctioned craft to make something  for a mom. You can start something new, or pick up a WIP!
  • Tag projects with “BPHMOM”
  • Deadline: May 13, 2013
  • Prize: TBD

Nooch Fiber Giveaway

  •  To enter, visit the etsy shop and then come back and tell me which item is your favorite. (Sorry, the 10-skein package is not an option).
  • I will pull a name on March 11, on the podcast.

Finished Object:

Works In Progress:

What I am Reading

Three types of sock needles

  • 9″ circ
  • 40″ circ
  • DPNs

2 thoughts on “Episode 17: Under the Wire

  1. congrats on the snuggle prize. I have heard it is an interesting book.
    glad your niece is improving
    until next time

    • Thank you! I plan on starting my first pair of socks from the book as soon as I finish one of the projects I just started. Or at least until after I make significant progress on one 🙂

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