Episode 14: New Technology

recorded Monday, 11 February 2013

Come join the ravelry group!

Selfish Craft-a-long

Finished Object:

  • Snuggle #2 Pattern: Original. Yarn: worsted acrylic in black and white. Hook: US k, 6.5 mm. Made as part of the Yarnivore C/KAL

Works In Progress:

Sock Yarn Blanket

You mean I can cover my entire body in sock goodness?!?!? Pattern: Sock Yarn Blanket by Shelly Kang, The Heathen HousewifeNeedles: US 2; 2.75 mm



An owl sleep sack using pound of love in white


  • Patons Lace in Sachet, Porcelain, Patina
  • Patons Lace Sequin in Amethyst
  • Premier Yarns Serenity Sock in Chili, Harlequin, Surf, Woodsy Green
  • Red Heart Heart & Sole in Christmas
  • Sensations Bamboo & Ewe Pattern in Pink/Red Pattern
  • Sensations Soles & More in Prpl/Pnk/Gry and Grn/Blu/Ylw
  • Sensations Truly in Truly Red, Truly Turquoise

What I am Reading

Three Things I’m looking forward to this weekend

  • Grown-Up activities
  • Sleeping baby-free
  • Only have to clean things once!

4 thoughts on “Episode 14: New Technology

  1. Hello Heather, definitely a clearer screen. So much brighter. you certainly have a lot of WIPs!! Are you attaching the Lapghan squares as you go? The colours of it are blending nicely together. An owl sleep sounds good, and, after all, it is a bird of the night lol.
    I like Mandi’s sweater the striping is a good depth.
    until next time

    • Enid-
      It was so good to meet you last night! I am attaching the lapghan squares as I go, yes. More specifically, to start a new square I pick up along the edge of the previous square. I like Mandi’s sweater, too. I nearly finished the length last night in the VKN.

      ❤ Heather

  2. YAY WEBCAM! I can see your beautiful face so clear! I love your art yarn! and i miss your beautiful face! I love your pod cast sooooo much!
    omg red box of awesome!!

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